What To Do About A Yellow Jacket Sting

Yellow jacket nests can be huge problems during the spring and summer, especially in certain parts of the world. Although there are ways to keep these nests at bay, there are some that get build no matter what you do and with nest nearby the chance for a sting goes way up. When it comes to getting a yellow jacket sting, it’s important to take care of it right away. This will minimize chances of infection and provide quick relief as well.

Step 1. Determine allergies
If the person who was stung has an allergy, they will require different treatment. This means they will need to go to the emergency room right away to get treated by a doctor. Some allergies are worse than others and even just one sting could result in death. Anyone with an allergy to bees needs to seek medical attention right away instead of treating it themselves.

An Epi-Pen is something that people with extreme allergies should have on them. If the person who was stung has this, the pen needs to be used right away. This could potentially end up saving their life before the paramedics get there, or you have time to get them to a hospital.

Step 2. Stinger removal
If the person is not allergic to bees, the sting can generally be treated at home. First look to see if there is a stinger inside of the wound. If there is one still in there, a credit card can be used to scrape it off. Something else with a hard straight edge, like a credit card, can be used as well. It’s important not to apply too much pressure or the venom sack from the sting could burst.

Step 3. Paste application
The next step is to make a paste of water and baking soda. This should be relatively thick, but still easy to apply. Once this is mixed, it needs to be rubbed onto the wound. This step needs to be done gently as well so that the venom sack does not pop open.

Step 4. Benadryl
Benadryl can be given in several different forms to people of all ages. It comes in liquid form that can be consumed as well as a cream and pills. The pill or liquid forms are generally the best options to choose. Children that are under the age of 12 have different dosage requirements, which need to be read before the medicine is taken. If Benadryl is not on hand, a pain reliever is another option. Something that has anti-inflammatory properties is going to come in use the most. This will help reduce swelling and get rid of quite a bit of pain as well.

Dosage amounts and frequencies need to be considered for the person taking the medicine. This will help make sure they experience the least amount of pain and that they sting doesn’t become too much of a problem. Most people can take this on their own and won’t need any other types of medications, but this depends on age.

Step 5. Ice
The area of the sting needs to be kept elevated. Once this is done, ice needs to be applied. Some crushed ice in a bag will work or a frozen bag of peas or other vegetables. Both of these things will reduce the swelling of the affected area even more. It’s recommended to use the ice as often as is comfortably possible.

Step 6. Wait
Patience is key when it comes to healing from a yellow jacket attack. Even if it was just one sting, it can still take a few days to heal. Normally the pain will last only for one to two days, but this varies for everyone. Some people will feel pain for longer if they are more sensitive to stings in general.

Things to keep in mind?
A lot of people don’t realize they are allergic to stinging insects until it’s too late. Even a simple sting from a yellow jacket could end up being fatal. From a person’s first bee sting, it’s essential to look for signs of large bee sting swelling and extreme pain to determine whether or not to call 911. Sometimes it’s better to be over-cautious than to end up in a really bad situation. Also, if swelling doesn’t go down after the first day or two, medical attention should be sought. Doctors can easily check to make sure there are no allergies and then provide the proper medications.

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